mardi 18 octobre 2016

Mon DT 13@rts " Happy Time "

Bon matin !! 

Voici ma création.  
Beaucoup de plaisir avec les mists, et les paints
 pour la confection de mon fond... 
ma parti préféré !!

Hi everyone !!

Here is my creation.
Lots of fun with mists, and paints for making my background ...
my favorite part !!

Some close-ups

Products 13@rts: 

-Paper Anna Rosa /Blue rose
-Splash Ink black
-Stencil Happiness
-Paint dark yellow/ gold/ matte olive/ matte yellow
-Mist pastel black
-Gesso clear /white /black
-Gel medium
-Flowers 13@rts
-Micro glass
-Sticker Title

Thanks everyone and see you soon !

Maryse xx

2 commentaires:

  1. Your grunge background is the best "grunge" I have ever seen!

    1. Wooooow thank you so much Joyce Kers !!! :))))