jeudi 12 janvier 2017

Étiquettes pour mon DT 13@rts

Hi everyone !!

I wish you a Happy New Year 2017,
Health, love and lots of scrapbooking.

I come to share with you
two tags create with a watercolor paper and
the wonderful Rainbow Colors.

Bon matin !!

Je vous souhaite une Bonne Année 2017,
Santé, amour et beaucoup de scrapbooking.

Je viens vous partager
deux tags créés avec un papier aquarelle et 
les merveilleux Rainbow Colors.

Somes closes-up
Quelques rapprochements

Products 13@rts
-Paints Espresso / Vivid scarlett / Red bronze / 
Dark yellow / Cardamon macchiato
- Rainbow Bordeaux / Violet / Sacarlett / Browm
-Mist dark brown / Pearl gold / Fuchsia
- Stickers His & Hers
- Chipboard His & Hers
- Craft Adornments His & Hers
- Stencil Happiness
- Flowers
- Gesso white
- Card set His & Hers

Thanks and see you soon !!
Maryse xx

4 commentaires:

  1. Beautiful tags! I love that deer flair - I've never used flair on a tag!

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